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02 September 2015 @ 11:03 pm

Title: Tall, dark, British and..?

Flavour: Sleepy Hollow (TV)

Characters: Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane

Special Guest: Jenny Mills

Rating: M

Word Count: 5000

Beta: My lovely Suzanne

A/N: S1 surrounding, some days/weeks after Jenny left Tarrytown.

Summary: It's the night after the next supernatural battle and Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane didn't want to be alone. There will be hot chocolate, a board game, dancing and more to have the feeling being alive. Over the night they boost their relationship to the next level with stolen kisses and anecdotes about sex education.

Find my story here at my LJ.

30 August 2015 @ 05:53 pm
Promo Pictures and some teasers of last night's Sleepy Slumber Party on twitter with Aaron Baiers. Look behind the cut for Tom, Nicole and Lyndie.

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26 June 2015 @ 10:06 pm
Sleepy Hollow will return for its third season on (Thursday) October 1 at 9pm.

Here's the link to the article: Fox Announces Fall Premiere Dates for Empire, Sleepy Hollow, The Grinder, and More
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29 May 2015 @ 05:36 pm

I had the urge to mix Nicole’s new twitter profile pic with Tom in The Creep. The white linen is just too fitting. Create your own Ichabod & Abbie AU.
27 May 2015 @ 12:05 pm

Title: Family Tree
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Characters: Abigail Mills & Jenny Mills
Rating: K+
Word Count: 280
Beta: My wonderful Suzanne.
12 May 2015 @ 01:48 pm
2015 FOX programming presentation at Wollman Rink in Central Park on May 11, 2015 in NYC with Tom and Nicole.

A few more photos under the cut:

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12 May 2015 @ 03:07 am
Sleepy Hollow will now air on Thursdays instead of its usual Monday schedule.

Here is the link: http://collider.com/fox-2015-schedule-minority-report-gotham-empire-the-last-man-on-earth/

Please be guided.
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19 March 2015 @ 01:19 am
I saw the news at sleepyhollowtv

According to TVLine, Sleepy Hollow is going to get a third season and a new showrunner (Clifton Campbell).


IchAbbie fans, what do you think? What do you want to see in the third season?
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